Buch: ITIL®4 Managing Professional Drive Stakeholder Value (EN)

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ITIL4 Managing Professional Drive Stakeholder Value guidance covers all forms of engagement and interaction between service providers and their customers, users, suppliers and partners.

It empowers practitioners and organisations to deliver exceptional value by focusing on the conversion of demand into tangible benefits through IT-enabled services. By facilitating effective stakeholder management, digital professionals are better able to target stakeholders with the right service offerings and value propositions, distinguishing themselves and their organisations within a competitive and demanding environment.

The guidance touches further upon the customer journey, allowing candidates to shape customer demand, manage relationships and optimise the customer experience. It will also enable candidates to increase stakeholder satisfaction by co-creating value and developing mutually agreed requirements, 

Publisher: PeopleCert
Author: Axelos
Language: English (UK)
Type: Book
ISBN: 978-9925-600-20-5

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